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October 15, 2020

EtherCalc is a web-based spreadsheet tool that doesn’t even require you to sign up for an account. EtherCalc can be hosted on your own server and customized to your needs if you possess the technical know-how, or you can install it locally on a computer (though it’s still accessed via your browser). Use the handy Alerts & Actions to Alert Someone or Request an Approval if need be.

Plus, Smartsheet allows for collaboration with external users, like clients or investors. You can easily show off results in a dashboard without having to uncover the inner workings of your operation. On the surface, there’s a table-like interface, a database of common functions, and a simple no-frills UI from which to work. With a rich library of templates that you can modify, the use case options are surprisingly robust.

You’ll get conditional formatting and pivot tables, and Sheets includes sparkline charts, for creating at-a-glance graphs within a single cell. You can also create an impressive array of charts and graphs that update in real-time.

Ccleaner Professional Plus Review

  • Deliver personalized experiences on the channel of your customers’ choice and give your team the tools to make every moment count.
  • And the way it exports data could be better, especially where tags are concerned.
  • ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.
  • The main thing it’s missing is marketing automation — it would be great to be able to manage email marketing campaigns and autoresponders directly within Nimble.
  • If you’re a Gmail user, you’ll appreciate Nimble’s ability to parse email signatures to quickly create and update contacts while you’re on an email thread.
  • Work out of your Gmail account and manage your contacts from anywhere online.

The interface has evolved over the years, mozilla-firefox.downloadsdb.com/ too, with a customizable Quick Access toolbar for pinning useful functions you need to access often. The ability to use a native app means that calculations take place on your local machine, rather than having to be sent to a server first. This allows for better performance compared to web-only options like Google Sheets. The software has been chosen for displaying a sense of value, regardless of which price point it targets. There is no expectation that free products will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with pricey subscription models.

If the amount of data exceeds + Excel rows, it is best to use a real data analysis tool like Matlab. Google Docs is probably the most easily manageable alternative to Excel. It looks similar to Excel’s layout and has pretty much the same features, except that it’s free for all Google account owners .


Keep track of your project performance by creating a project dashboard and monitoring the essential project KPIs . You might also choose to colour code cells, and then sort your data by colour. Spreadsheets are commonly used to analyse money that has been spent and income that has been received. They allow you to split the amount of money you have spent and received by time period and source.

For example, you can separate out different types of expenditure such as rent or insurance, and track exactly how much can been spent on these in each month, by using a simple table. Whichever you choose, make sure to explore it in depth so you don’t miss out on any of the features. The difference here is that Airtable is designed with the database use case in mind. In Airtable, columns are "fields" and rows are "records." When you click on a row, you can view the fields for the entire record. You can’t change fonts or sizes, but you can select from a variety of options, including checkbox, date, URL, bar code, and more.