1What is the minimum funding for a F&B setup?
Depending on the concept, men u complexity, location and size of the establishment, the capital needed to set it up will vary between VND 800 million to VND 5 billion.
2How much will we charge?
Our fees depend on the complexity and size of the project. Client can choose to hire DCA to perform each service a-la-carte (e.g. menu development, brand creation etc), for which we would quote individual rates; or engage us for Total Set Up Solution which will save you significantly in cost as compared to a-la-carte rates, while having us work alongside you throughout the duration of setting up your F&B business. Our fees do not include fees by third party vendors that may need to be engaged during the project (such as construction vendor, architect etc).
3How much time do I have to spend on a typical setup?
Depending on the size of your establishment, the typical setup duration could last from 2 to 3 months.
4Is F&B background knowledge a must?
It is not a must to have F&B experience to start an F&B business, especially when you work with us from the start. However, a passion and drive to excel in the Food business is a must.
5Is engaging in all the services a compulsory thing?
It is not compulsory to engage all our services. Depending on your background and experience, you can choose to engage us on a-la-carte basis to assist in areas you lack experience or manpower in. However, we strongly encourage you to engage our Total Set Up Solution to let us share your worry and burden during the hard months of setting up your new F&B business. It is also more cost-effective than engaging our services a-la-carte.
6Are there any regulations that I should be aware of?
All food establishments in Vietnam require a few licenses, including Food Hygiene license, Fire prevention license and Liquor license if you serve alcohol. Depending on your production, there may be more licenses required, but these are the most standard licenses you need to apply for.
7In which terms are you not involved in?
Staff recruitment, location scouting and daily operations of your business will not be part of our service.
8How long will DCA be with you for each project?
Depending on the retainer agreement, DCA can serve the project from 2 months to a year. It is up to your own comfort level and we are always open to support you, even after your opening.
9Why should I hire DCA for my project?
Starting a new F&B concept can be a very stressful and challenging journey. If you have no prior experience in the concept you are building, it will even be risky to do so without the industry expertise and know-how. That is where we come in. With our involvement, you have a strong support system to invest your capital in the right concept, the right way, while also making sure it runs smoothly with sustainability. We help you take the guess-work out of the equation.