KOKI Tamagoyaki
July 21, 2017
July 7, 2017

The name Fasta comes from a wordplay between fast & pasta. Hence, it is easy to guess the concept behind the name. The mission of Fasta is to serve original and delicious pasta quickly and with a great service.

Our team in Singapore was approached by a young entrepreneur who needed help in establishing his first Food & Beverage business. Our task was to conceptualize and manage the restaurant setup for him completely. Hence, we started with the idea creation and concept design, continued with building the store and operational deployment, and ended with staff training. Working together with the owner and his team, we turned their dream into a reality.

Following his wishes, we created a brand that is energetic and young, with some elements of quirkiness and fun. This concept helps customers to break with the hustle and bustle of the business district and enjoy a well-deserved lunch break in a relaxed setting. Furthermore, bright colours and solid lines let customers feel completely comfortable and at ease.

Regarding food styling and photography, we used a clean concept to shed lights exclusively on food. Taking into account that Fasta is a newcomer to the F&B market, it was essential to come up with beautiful visual imagery to build a brand identity and attract customers. Our logic was simple – images of delicious food will attract hungry crowds. Fasta is located in a bustling business district in South Beach Road. So far, it has hosted numerous office employees during lunch breaks and received extremely positive reviews from the local food blogosphere.

Moreover, our food styling & photography for Fasta became a Finalist of the Advertising – Food Category from One Eyeland Photography Awards 2016.