Joe & Dough

July 7, 2017

Our Singapore-based team has closely worked with Joe & Dough since the initial stages of the business. Ever since, they have been our clients for introducing innovative elements into their concept.

Hence, when Joe & Dough decided to add new wholesome pizzas to their concept, we joined them in the endeavor. They were already famous for handcrafted coffee and sandwiches and wanted to come up with delicious pizzas that can be enjoyed anytime during the day. In this project, our task was to carry out research and development, menu creation, ingredient costing, food styling, and staff training.

Our idea was to come up with innovative pizzas by using a special dough, but we also wanted to keep contemporary and classical flavours that local customers love. Hence, our selection ranged from traditional Pepperoni Yours and Hawaiian Aloha Oi! to new signatures such as the Korean-inspired Gangnam Style and aromatic Truffle Shuffle.

According to our recipes, the dough is hand-kneaded and ingredients fresh and high quality, while the pizzas are baked fresh at the pizzeria. Our goal was to create affordable, yet delicious pizzas that go well with beverages and other items on the menu. One challenge was to find a balance between the food costing and R&D. Also, to ensure that pizzas are always fresh and quality, we had to train and equip the staff. The new line-up was first introduced at Junction 8 in Bishan and later at other outlets around Singapore. By now, it has become a popular staple on the menu.