KOKI Tamagoyaki

Yu Tang Tea House
September 17, 2017
July 14, 2017

KOKI Tamagoyaki, located in the bustling food trail in the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre, is famous for its authentic Japanese omelettes. Albeit extremely popular, it is still relatively new in the local F&B scene. Together with a client, our Singapore team had worked on the menu from scratch through rigorous product research, testing, and development, until we created a perfect result. 

Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き) is made by using a makiyakinabe, which is a special omelette pan. The omelette is simmered, and layers are added one after another to ensure absolute consistency. In this way, the egg has a fluffy texture to melt in your mouth.

Our menu developed for KOKI Tamagoyaki is luxurious and delicate, as only premium toppings such as Tempura of Ebi (prawn), Magaro with Tobiko (fish), Unagi no Teriyaki (Japanese eel), Tonkatsu (pork), Daikon Braised Gyuniku (beef), and Flame-grilled Tako (octopus) are used. Thanks to a broad range of ingredients, there is something unique for everyone’s taste. You might wonder why so much effort is put in an egg dish, but you just need to taste its utmost delicacy. In fact, this example perfectly illustrates our dedication to food.

Moreover, we carried out overall business modelling, kiosk setup and, concept design for this brand, in addition to itemizing the kitchen equipment selection. We enabled the client to independently and professionally navigate its successful business.