Maian Bakers

Kitchen Art
September 19, 2017
Olive Studio
September 17, 2017

Maian Bakers is a new brand by Thu Huong Bakery, one the of most traditional bakery in Hanoi. In order to target younger audience, Maian Bakers challenged DCA Holding International (DCA) with a re-branding, menu development and styling/photography mission. Until then, Maian Bakers offered no difference comparing to existing cake selections at Thu Huong Bakery.

DCA team started with an in-depth market research and branding revision for the brand – the existing branding identity was recognized by most Thu Huong Bakery customers and created a good remark, hence its core designs remained unchanged. What’s been changed is the mood, feel and styling in all images. To target at millennials, your photos can’t afford to be just high resolution.

A change in menu was a must. All that Maian Bakers offered at the time had little difference comparing to other cakeries – heavily decorated gateaux, bread lines, mousse lines, you name it. By trend, the big names in the market were struggling with small, independent bakers who are allowed to get creative and make freshly-baked cakes with tailor-made decoration everyday. Having deep understanding of that competition, we created a brand new product line for Maian Bakers that offered the best of both worlds – Summer Mousse Cake line.

We also revitalized Maian Bakers social media presence. Before then, Maian Bakers social medias were barely updated with little attractive content, only quick updates from events and new cakes arrivals. DCA associate Maian Bakers with “the cool kids” by using our foodie influencers network, and applied the most suitable content/advertising strategy to optimize the results.

All social media insights for Maian Bakers have been growing consistently until now, after the dramatically raise in likes and engagements over the first month. DCA has also been employed to style and decorate interiors for Maian Bakers current and new shop, after the success of photography and styling direction. Maian Bakers is about to open its next outlet this September, 2017, with a very potential future ahead.