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September 19, 2017
Kitchen Art
September 19, 2017

Nếp Magazine (Nep) is one of a kind itself – it’s the first modern, Western-styled food magazine in Vietnam, the transformation from traditional type of cooking magazines that’s been around from the 1990s. At this project, DCA Holding International (DCA) was employed to do Concept Design and Professional Food Styling.

DCA has been working with Nep since its 2nd issue. Aiming to publish every quarter, each issue of Nep represents the essence of that season in culinary terms. With each concept comes an issue outline – food, recipes, key ingredients, lifestyle and family content, everything must be in sync in terms of content and art presentations. DCA work closely with Nep team to build the concept and outline for each issue, deploying our understanding of the market and consumers.

Once the concept is settled, DCA work hands-on in all images content productions. From concept, styling, photo shooting and final retouch, DCA provides an A-to-Z service when it comes to art direction and execution. All images are hand-picked by Nep editors team, and then sent back to DCA with word content to do magazine layout.

Paper and printing quality decide 50% of the success of a magazine. Utilizing our resources in production, DCA bring the Nep printing options that aren’t always available in the public market.

“Their work doesn’t simply stop at graphic design and page layout, even though the scope of work might say so. PIN Creative team from DCA Holding International has been in charge of total art direction and graphic/image concept for Nep Magazine since its 2nd issue. PIN is the narrative of each Nep issue, and challenge Nep team with every key creative concept. They ensure the consistency of mood and feel in graphic designs and images, with a touch of modern design and a constant update in trend. Age has never posed a problem in their professionalism and work ethics – they are always hard-working and constantly update themselves with new knowledge and experience. If you’ve followed Nep, it’s not hard to tell that we always refresh ourselves, one issue at a time, to inspire our readers about food content, yet to still stay friendly and relevant. Without the combined efforts from PIN team, we wouldn’t have been able to achieved it.”

– Ms. Nguyen Thai Thanh Hoa, Nep’s Editor-in-Chief