Olive Studio

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September 17, 2017
Yu Tang Tea House
September 17, 2017

Olive Studio ordered 2 of DCA Holding International (DCA) service: Professional Food Styling and Technology Implementation (website design and coding in this case).

Olive Studio was one of the first online cakeries in Hanoi. As most of the online cakeries communicate and take order via social media network, Olive Studio created its difference by exploring e-commerce options and allowing online orders on website – olivestudio.vn. The entire website was design and built by DCA team.

DCA also performed styling and photo shooting service for Olive Studio menu. The purpose of the photoshoot was to highlight the premium, clean, high quality and fresh ingredients.

“DCA Holding International is the story-teller that we’d been searching for, and probably the only one that can tell it in the most well-crafted way. Olive Studio vision and commitment to customers has been delivered in the most fascinating visuals and a sleek, modern website that we’re proud to present.”

– Ms. Dang Anh Tho, Founder of Olive Studio