Passion 5

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March 28, 2018
Thu Huong Bakery
September 19, 2017

Passion 5 is a premium cafe and dessert patisserie located in the trendy district of Hannam-dong. Our Singapore team managed the complete setup with SPC Group, which included all eight elements of our Total F&B Setup solution service.  The most important work in this case were menu development, concept design, and brand creation.

Passion 5 is strategically located beside Hangangjin Station, and hence, easily accessible. However, most importantly, it is within an easy reach of the Central Business District. The purpose of this creation process was to tailor such a project that will represent a lasting experience for a customer, consisting of visual and taste impressions. There is a unique concept for each level of the Passion 5 building, depending on the spending power. The brand features French pastry techniques and lifestyle, along with approachable, friendly, and warm colour tones. There are five components of the name of Passion 5: cafe, patisserie, chocolates, bakery, and finally the passion of the those behind the famous desserts. Passion 5 offers freshly baked pastries from the bakery and an enormous range of up to 400 desserts to choose from. Cakes, puddings, and chocolates are there to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Accordingly, it is clear that Passion 5 is much more than a typical dessert cafe offering several specialities. Rather, our team designed an ambitious setup excelling in all baking areas, namely desserts, pastry, and chocolate making. Passion 5’s is simply a visual spectacle. Visitors can look at a 360-degree cake display and enjoy superb desserts in the adjacent gallery. Thanks to the unique design and concept, the Korean Tourism Organization has placed Passion 5 on its list of attractions.