Thu Huong Bakery

Passion 5
September 21, 2017
C’est Si Bon
September 19, 2017

Thu Huong Bakery is one of the most traditional cakery in Hanoi – it has served generations of Vietnamese, and is trusted with high quality, especially its Mooncake Collection. Thu Huong Bakery requested from DCA Holding International (DCA) 3 service: Professional Food Styling, Marketing Strategy and Execution for mooncake season, and Packaging Design.

Thu Huong Bakery mooncake price ranges from medium to high, comparing with competitors in the market. To create a real difference from other mooncake suppliers, DCA researched the market and came up with a packaging concept: to bring back to core value of Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival, using 1980s art design.

DCA also performed art direction, styling and photography for all mooncake selections. Marketing strategy and execution is co-oporated with DCA-made content, which created a viral effect on social media.

Thu Huong Bakery received good results. The new design box is already sold out even though Mooncake Season is just reaching its peak, and other flavors are selling fast.