Yu Tang Tea House

Olive Studio
September 17, 2017
KOKI Tamagoyaki
July 21, 2017

Yu Tang means “House of Pearls”, which was inspired from DCA Holding International (DCA) multiple trips to Taiwan to study about Taiwanese food scene and the authentic tastes of bubble milk tea. DCA was tasked by Golden Gate Group (GGG) with building a brand new Taiwanese concept in Hanoi and project managing the entire set up. All 8 components of our Total F&B set up solution service have been employed during this project.

During this chaotic period of Taiwanese bubble tea scene in Hanoi, one can see a brand new bubble tea brand coming to the market every week, if not everyday. However, DCA observed a lack of original Taiwanese taste in almost all of the current brands, and no sign of Taiwanese food. Most of the brands came from China and some from Korea, with little relation to the original bubble tea house in Taiwan. As the opportunity arose, DCA team was determined to bring home a concept  that could capture the signature dishes of Taiwan.

In order to recreate a true Taiwanese tea house, DCA team frequently visited Taiwan throughout the whole project, while collaborating with Japanese graphic designers and interior designers to work out the branding for Yu Tang Tea House. The aim is a clean, bright, premium look with reference to boba – the “pearl” itself.

The bubble tea taste was researched throughout almost all popular bubble tea brands in Taiwan, in order to pick the right taste that portraits Taiwanese culture, yet fits well with Vietnamese preferences. Yu Tang created its breakthrough in the market with a brand new topping – craft boba. Up until now, Yu Tang is the only one who can create and serve craft boba, as passed down by Taiwanese bubble tea artisans.

The food menu was created and then recreated over and over again until the tastes were right to best reflect the traditional taste and cooking style of Taiwan. Only signature dishes and snacks are featured on the final menu, to remain the spotlight on bubble tea selections with a fine touch of food tastes.

Yu Tang Tea House was packed with customers from soft opening until one month after official launching day. To date, Yu Tang Tea House is the only Taiwanese F&B concept in Vietnam, and about to launch its second outlet this winter.