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Taiwanese Hot Pot (Golden Gate Group) is a well-known brand in Hanoi – the first place bring traditional flavor of Taiwanese hot pot with “9 traditional spices. This project took DCA Holding International (DCA) a lot of effort to build a perfect Manwah media campaign. In this project, Manwah co-operated with DCA to implement Food Styling and Marketing Strategy.

Food Styling for Manwah includes brand’s mood, light, and colour. To accomplish this pre-lauching phase, DCA needs to start with Strategic Planning: What are the strengths of Manwah help brand stand out from dozens of other hot pot brands on the market? What is the distinctive feature of the Manwah brand, and how does it impress the customers? What will Manwah bring to the customer? When thinking of Manwah, how do you feel about mood and colour? These are four core questions DCA needs to answer.

After exploring all the hot pot brands on the market, DCA has built the communication for Manwah as the “traditional Taiwan Hot Pot” element. There are two main elements in this communication: the “hot pot” factor – a term that have not been exploited by many brands, and the “traditional” element – a sensation factor, long-standing, rich in history and attractive and reliable.

To concretize the “traditional Taiwan hot pot” into simple and easy information for customers, DCA explored the process of making hot pot. Hot pot dishes are quite familiar and not really different many cultures, the “hot pot” will be the point to make a difference. After spending a lot of time with the Manwah team, “9 Traditional Spices” element was selected to represent the “traditional Taiwan hot pot”.

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Posted by Manwah – Taiwanese Hot Pot on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

After building the plan media and color palette for Manwah, the Food Styling started with work. The warm-colored tones is chose for Taiwanese hot pot, with hot pot and hot dipping sauce.

The implementation of Manwah’s marketing plan is a combination of multiple operations at the same time to ensure a comprehensive coverage of the brand. Social networking is the most powerful way to ensure a spillover effect, including content on Facebook and incorporating influencers that fit the Manwah brand. PR articles are used reasonably to ensure the highest view and increase brand credibility. Combined with the true quality of Manwah, all customers have been completely convinced from the first time to the restaurant. The name of the brand is spontaneously spread.

After three months of launching the brand, Manwah’s Facebook Page reached more than 15,000 likes in the target audience, and averaged over 2,000 likes on every post. The launch of the Manwah brand was a great success for the restaurant. After 4 months of launching, the restaurant is always full at every lunch and dinner. To arrive at the weekend, customers need to call 1 to 2 days in advance to ensure the table is folded. For DCA, the success of the brand is the strongest affirmation of the campaign’s results – at present, the brand has plans to open more new restaurants to meet the needs of customers.





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