What is Turn-key F&B Projects ?

Press Release: Representative of DCA Holding International in Singapore, Chef At Work, officially became Franchise Partner with ALTIPLY of Louken Group.
November 8, 2017

The term ‘turn-key projects’ has its origin from the construction business. Where a project is set up from start to finish for the owner, and all the owner has to do is handover the keys to the project manager. Once done, the key is handed back to the owner and his establishment is ready to run.

In the same manner, with regards to F&B ventures, owners can outsource the setup of their entire F&B business to an experienced project management team. The team will make sure the entire project is done right from design phase to construction, and solve all matters that arise on the best interest of the owner.

After handing over, the owner takes over a fully completed, working F&B establishment, be it a cafe, restaurant, a food kiosk or a central kitchen. All the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and business plan will be set up, giving the owner a solid foundation to drive the business’ towards growth.

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F&B businesses are relatively good investments if done right from the start. However, it is not easy to find a capable and experienced F&B management team who have experience with F&B businesses of various scale and scope. This is because such a team requires deep hands-on experience with food businesses, as well as the ability to grow a food business in a sustainable way in this competitive market.

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Such a team should have a deep know-how of industrial best practices for both design, set up and operations; and a strong understanding of local and global market consumption trends to make sure the project has a successful future.
DCA Holding International prides itself in delivering full turn-key F&B projects for its clients in both Vietnam and overseas. Stay tuned for more case studies from our projects in the coming months!